A Wausau classic since 1933

Established in 1933, Baeseman’s started as an army surplus store and quickly turned into one of Central Wisconsin’s finest retailers of quality name brand clothing and shoes for the outdoorsman and worker alike. The Baeseman’s small surplus store was located on Wausau’s Clinton Street, along the river near 1st and Stewart Avenues.

In 1972, the Baeseman’s were looking to retire. Larry Rossi was looking for a job at the time. With seven children at home, Larry started at Baeseman’s sweeping floors. Shortly after, he began helping customers and soon discovered his new calling. The Baeseman brothers made Larry an offer he could not refuse, so Larry and his wife, Joyce, jumped at the opportunity to become the

new owners of Baeseman’s Shoes and Clothing.

Their daughter, Mary, immediately joined the business, and their son, Tom, came aboard four years later in 1976. Larry and Joyce retired in 1988, and Tom and Mary have been successfully running the business ever since. They are proud to say they have been partners in Baeseman’s Shoes and Clothing for over 40 years.

The staff at Baeseman’s continues to do business the old-fashioned way…personally. Individual attention to their customers and offering quality products is what makes them successful, and that will never be compromised. Your visit to Baeseman’s Shoes and Clothing is sure to be a memorable experience.

Baeseman's Shoes + Clothing Through the Years